Adriatico Book Club is a group of people interested in making and sharing books. It has been founded in Venice during the late winter of 2020.

ABC books will be mainly focused on the moving image in contemporary art and won't be published regularly.

Adriatico Book Club


eds. Malvina Borgherini and Lorenzo Lazzari

December 2020
Italian / English
15 × 22.5 cm
160 pages, monochrome
ISBN: 978-88-945731-0-7

Available at Libreria Marco Polo.

Texts by Luigi Agazio, Leandro Agrò, Isabel Florencia Baeza, Malvina Borgherini, Martina Citarella Correa, Danilo Correale, Matija Debeljuh, Pierluca Ditano, Miriam Gili, Lorenzo Lazzari, Claudio Leone, Camilla Mazzocato, Anto. Milotta, Luca Ruali, Arianna Spanò, Michela Tomasi, and Alessandro Vangi

Designed by Lorenzo Mason Studio

Produced by
MOVIES—Moving Images Arts
Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
Regione del Veneto

Published on the occasion of the homonymous group show at Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzetto Tito, Venice (18.12.2020–6.1.2021), Opposizioni is a notebook that stops moving images. An ensemble of singularities that finds common ground through their opposition. A clash of images.

Lonely at the Party

eds. Eleonora Bonino, Valerio Conti, Pauline Maure,
Stefano Pelosato, and Giulia Savorani

September 2020
Italian / English
24.5 × 34 cm
8 pages / folded poster
ISBN: 978-8-89848-860-5

Texts by Malvina Borgherini
and Cosimo Ferrigolo

Produced by Meta Forte
and MOVIES—Moving Images Arts

Designed by Martina Citarella Correa
and Camilla Mazzocato

This folded poster has been published on the occasion of the homonymous one-night happening hosted at Meta Forte on September 4, 2020. A 30-hands reflection on the intersections between the moving image and performance arts is unfolded through the surrealistic game of the Cadavre Exquis.

I Love My Close-Friend-Books
and My Close Friend's Close-Friend-Books

by Luigi Agazio, Leandro Agrò, Matija Debeljuh, Martina Citarella Correa, Pierluca Ditano, Miriam Gili, Camilla Mazzocato, Antonino Milotta, and Alessandro Vangi

July 2020
Italian and English
21 × 29.7 cm
140 pages
114 color ill.

Produced by MOVIES—Moving Images Arts
Designed by Lorenzo Mason Studio

A collection of works produced from May to June 2020, during the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. The group of young artists who participated in this book is part of a postgraduate program at the Iuav University of Venice. The texts and images collected are short experiments about the long isolation perpetuated for three months.

On Responsibility:
The Moving Image Questions Spectatorship

ed. Lorenzo Lazzari

June 2020
11 × 17.5 cm
112 pages
15 monochrome ill.
ISBN: 978-88-98488-55-1

Available at
PageFive in Czech Republic
After 8 Books, Re:Voir, and Yvon Lambert in France
do you read me?! in Germany
Cafoscarina, Libreria Marco Polo and Marmo in Italy

Distributed by Antenne Books

The book is a collection of essays, by scholars and curators, which reflect on the symbolic exchange between the spectator and the moving image. The authors analyze this relationship through the analysis of different works by artists, film and video-makers such as Éric Baudelaire, Tony Conrad, Morgan Fisher, Kahlil Joseph, and Vittorio De Seta. The volume also includes an interview with eight members of Videofreex, one of the pioneering US collectives who utilized the video since the late-1960s.

Texts by Malvina Borgherini, Enrico Camporesi, Vera Dika, Sibylle de Laurens, Lorenzo Lazzari, Pascaline Morincôme, and Videofreex

Translations by Jim Sunderland
Designed by Lorenzo Mason Studio



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